dj-garrett-burkeI started my music career in the 6th grade when I met my future Music teacher Jim Burgsler. He came into our class to give a musical demonstration of the different instruments you could take up in the 6th grade band. I was immediately drawn to the saxophone and spent the next 6 years in school taking part in every band program that I could. In middle school, I was in all three programs. When I reached High School, just about all of my free time was dedicated to music. My High School director Dennis Winnie provided me with all the resources I needed to succeed in the music industry and I my love for music became my driving force.

Not too long after graduation, I started performing for different events. I was seeking a new musical niche that would fulfill my desirer. Growing up, I would always make mix tapes for my friends made up of today’s biggest hits and some throwbacks. It then hit me, I wanted to be a DJ. I took all the musical theory that I have learned over the years and applied them into learning a new, exciting and demanding field of the music industry. Today I spend my time building a professional background in DJ entertainment and promotional advertising. I love every type of genre from the 50s to today’s biggest club hits.

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