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Have you ever seen a sign in a different language and thought to yourself, “Hey Self, It would be nice if I had someone here to read that sign for me!” Well neither have I but wouldn’t it be cool if you did have that? What if you had an app for that? Ok, Ok, I know what you are thinking. They have apps for that already. But……but what if they had an app that would translate the sign for you as you Pointed your camera at the sign and the words changed from let’s say, Spanish to English….Huh?

Wouldn’t that be just awesome?! Well guess what!! Technology has finally become just that awesome.

Introducing Word Lens! Go Get this App now and all the in app purchases for free while it is still free because it will likely not stay that way.

Word Lens isn’t perfect. It has trouble with particularly stylized text or handwriting, and the translations will make occasional mistakes. But updates are sure to make this app better and more accurate in the future.

Check out the video below, trust me, I am not lying. And the guy that first told me about this app got an unpleasant and undeserved slap in the face because I thought he was lying. Luckily I am nowhere near you.

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